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What to Do if You Think You Have Dodgy Electrical Cabling

  • 26th September, 2014

  • Electrical Warriors

This week in the news, everyone has been talking about the “Cable Girl” scandal. It’s something we definitely saw coming. I’ve attached a picture of the news article below in case you missed it. I believe you can also read it online here.

The fact is that too often, you get dodgy products coming in from overseas that dodgy contractors (who care more about $$$ than safety or just don’t realise)… or perhaps worse. DIY mums and dads head down to their nearest hardware store to pick up electrical cabling for their home projects which they saw on the Lifestyle channel, which they shouldn’t legally be working on. That’s right, you DO need a licence to do this kind of work!

So if you suspect you’ve been stung by the Cable Girl saga, what should you do? Don’t panic – there are around 40,000 Australian homes and businesses who are affected, so you’re not alone, and there is a procedure to follow that shouldn’t leave you out of pocket.

1. The first thing you must do is confirm whether this is the case. If you’ve had electrical work done around your home or business in the last few years (between 2010 and 2013), you should contact your electrician and check with them whether they used the dodgy wiring. If they say no, you’re in the clear, but if they say yes…

2. You should ask the electrician who installed the cabling to come in and do an inspection to double check for any issues. This should be free of charge to you.

3. Your electrician will contact the cable supplier (wholesaler or hardware store) to arrange for a replacement, again at no cost to you.


The key message here is DON’T go near this stuff yourself. It could be dangerous and you should always have a qualified electrician come in and ensure that everything is safe.

If you have any questions or concerns about electrical cabling, or need someone to come in and inspect your home or business for safety, please give our team a call.

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