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Top Electrical Safety Tips from Our Experts

  • 23rd September, 2014

  • Electrical Warriors

Unfortunately, every year, hundreds of Australians are taken to hospital from electrical accidents that happen at home which were completely avoidable. Some of those accidents are fatal. Many more people injure themselves at home, with these incidences largely going unreported, so when you consider the “real” number of these accidents occurring… you can see that Australia has a serious electrical safety problem on its hands.

Part of the problem is the growing number of DIYers inspired by Pinterest, the Home and Lifestyle channels, and other programs which make electrical work look oversimplified. The fact is, it’s not. And you need to use a licensed electrician to legally undertake nearly all of the work shown.

So folks.. please do not attempt an electrical project yourself. With that in mind, things can still go wrong in your day to day use of your home or commercial premises. Keeping an eye out for the warning signs and taking early action, as well as a little common sense can help keep your area safe. Check out these tips from our experts:

Look for the signs of a problem

If you see scorch marks, hear crackling or buzzing noises, or smell something burning, do NOT ignore these signs. As soon as possible, you must get a licenced electrician (our Redcliffe based team can help) to come in and check it out.

Service Appliances

Appliances can be a cause for problem if they are not maintained properly. Check your warranty for guidelines though. You may need to have an authorised technician do your servicing or risk voiding the warranty.

Water + Electricity = Danger

Consider how your electrical appliances are positioned. Do you use appliances with wet hands, or in a wet area? Move things around to avoid this risk, as water is a very effective conductor of energy.

Don’t Overload

It can be tempting (especially in older homes with fewer outlets) to plug adaptors into adaptors into adaptors. As you may have suspected, this is not a good idea. This increases the chances of an overload, overheating, and therefore fire. Please do not overload your sockets!

Watch for Damaged Cables

You’d be surprised how many people continue to use power cables with damage and exposed wires. You can’t just DIY fix this one with electrical tape either. Call a qualified electrician for help.


Don’t take your safety for granted. Electricity is essential, but can be dangerous. Book in for a safety inspection with our professional team to have your home or office checked.

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