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Electrical Inspections

Electrical Safety Inspections are something that not everyone thinks of getting before moving into a house, apartment, factory, or office. After all, currently, this isn’t a legal requirement. But it’s interesting that Pest Inspections are usually done but an Electrical Inspection is left out. After all, cockroaches don’t kill people… electricity and fires do.

What’s Involved

Your electrical inspection will involve a range of checks, including the following:

  • Checking the safety requirements of your switchboard
  • RCD testing to ensure your safety circuits work and are up to standard
  • Smoke alarm testing to ensure they comply with safety standards (these should be tested yearly)
  • Thermal testing of switchboards to ensure safety and identify potential energy wastage and fire sources

Story Time

Here’s an Example of Where an Electrical Inspection Would Have Helped…

Recently, our business owner Marty received a phone call from a real estate agent. An investor had bought a 40 year old property to rent. They received a building and pest inspection before they made their purchase, so they assumed that everything would be okay.

However, the tenant was moving in that afternoon, and there appeared to be no power… woops!

Why was there no power? Energex had found a hanging light and power point secured by nails. Yikes! Dollars and time were spent that day, and the faults had to be rectified at double the expense of an electrical audit in order to get them fixed on time. All of this could have been avoided.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Have you purchased a property recently, or are about to?

Go no further – you must book in for an electrical safety inspection. On any house, but particularly an older house, you could be looking at a range of hidden issues in the electrical system. Some elements may be dangerous, or at the very least, not up to today’s standards.

Book in for Electrical Safety Inspection today (you’ll be glad you did). Call us on 1300 726 792 or click here to get a free online quote.

Electrical Inspections
Electrical Inspections
Electrical Inspections
Electrical Inspections