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Electrical Warriors are headquartered on the Redcliffe peninsula in North Brisbane and regularly service clients, including residents and businesses in this area.

About Redcliffe, Brisbane

Redcliffe is home to Electrical Warriors, and we pride ourselves on being very involved in this fantastic community on the outskirts of Brisbane. With amazing ocean frontage all around the peninsula, plenty of parks, shops, and cafes, Redcliffe really does have it all.

In recent years, Redcliffe has gradually moved up and experienced some modernisation with the introduction of the Bee Gees Way, a modern facelift along the waterfront, and interest from large brands and hotels such as Mon Komo.

In addition, Redcliffe has a large market at the waterfront every Sunday morning, including farmers produce, handmade arts and crafts, and plenty of food stalls.

Redcliffe QLD

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