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Importance of Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

  • 9th November, 2014

  • Electrical Warriors

They say a picture tells a thousand words.

We received a phone call one afternoon at approximately four o’clock from a client in a rental property. Their lights were flicking and the electrical safety switch kept dropping out.

One look at the switchboard was enough to solve the mystery.

The three factors to look for:

  • Visual (melted)
  • Smell (burning plastic)
  • Touch (too hot to touch)

Our response was to immediately turn the power off to avoid further damage and safety issues. A new switchboard was in order.


How could this be avoided?

The fact is that this could happen to anyone who wasn’t aware of the condition of their home electrical system. Especially if you are buying a home.

A pre purchase electrical inspection could avoid the expensive and dangerous problems down the track. Everybody gets a pre-purchase building and pest inspection. If you buy a $3,000 to $30,000 car, you have to obtain a road worthy, so why not an electrical inspection?

If you’ve never had your home inspected, contact our friendly team today. We will check for any signs of problems and ensure that your home is safe. Call 1300 726 792.

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