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Home LED Lighting Tips

  • 23rd September, 2014

  • Electrical Warriors

So you’re thinking of making the switch to LED Lighting? Great choice! You’ll save on energy and electricity bills… great for the environment and great for the wallet!

But while you’re at it… why not look into switching up the style and layout of your lighting? Making a few changes here and there can add to the value of your home and change the mood of a space. Here are some tips for how you can use lighting in your home:

  • In your kitchen, look for great overhead lighting which can be dimmed or brightened. Pendant or directional lights can make a great feature.
  • In the dining room, a chandelier light or pendant above the table gives a classic feel while drawing the eye to this central point. Keep the lighting elsewhere soft and relaxed.
  • Bathroom lighting should be situated directly above the mirror, and lights on either side of the mirror won’t go astray either (ladies with makeup will appreciate this). An overhead light to light up the rest of the room may also be needed.
  • Bedrooms should have lighting that can be dimmed to a low level of light, but also bright enough for reading. This could be achieved through wall lighting above the bed, bedside lamps, and an overhead light.
  • Living areas can be dramatic, with directional lighting focused on a feature plant, fireplace, or artwork. Allow for reading spaces with bright, down-pointed lights.

We hope these tips have helped! If you need an electrician to help you choose the right LED lighting and install it for you, contact us on 1300 726 792. We’re happy to help!

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