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5 Questions to Ask Your Electrician

  • 23rd September, 2014

  • Electrical Warriors

It would be nice if we could all just trust anyone who offered to perform electrical work that they would..

a)      Be qualified

b)      Do a good job

c)       Not break anything

Unfortunately, the world just isn’t like that. Engaging a contractor to work on your home or commercial building is going to happen at some point… so how to you know if you’ve got a good one, or a dud? The best thing you can do is ask them the following questions and if they can’t give you a good answer… it’s time to call the next guy.

  1. Do you have a license, and if so, what number is it?

Your electrician must be licensed, and you will be able to search his license number online to check its legitimacy.

  1. What do you specialise in?

There are lots of different types of electrical work, and most electricians specialise in one or two areas, although they do have a lot of general knowledge. If you require specialisation for your job, you need to make sure you’ve got the right person with the right experience to do a good job.

  1. Do you have any references or testimonials?

If you can’t see testimonials online or on their website, then they should at least be able to email you some testimonials of references. If they can’t… you might want to look elsewhere.

  1. What guarantees or warranties do you offer?

Your electrician should have enough confidence in their work to offer you some kind of guarantee or warranty. If they shy away from this question, then you should question the quality of their work.

  1. What does your estimate include and what extra costs could there be?

Some items may not be accounted for in their estimate. You should be made aware of possible costs if things go wrong or take an unexpected turn.

If you need a local electrician, give our professional team a call on 1300 726 792. We’re happy to help!

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