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10 Reasons to Always Get a Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection

  • 28th October, 2014

  • Electrical Warriors

Are you buying a house, unit, office, shop, or factory?

Are you having a pre purchase electrical inspection? If no, why not?

Here are some photos of people who did not have a pre purchase electrical inspection and had to foot extra costs for the repairs.


Here are 10 reasons to always get a pre-purchase electrical inspection:

  1. Faulty cable was recently sold around Australia. That’s 4,000 kms of dangerous, costly cable, some of which could be in your new home.
  2. Pink battes in ceilings.
  3. Home handy man electrical installation (the previous owners may have been a bit ambitious and illegal in their install work – don’t suffer because of it!).
  4. LED lighting ceiling fans or air conditioners bought online with no Australian certification
  5. Don’t give your insurance company an excuse not to pay up (they’ll take any excuse they can get).
  6. Smoke detectors not maintained or working (don’t risk it).
  7. You get a building and pest inspection but not an electrical inspection…why? Think about what could be more detrimental… having a few termites, or getting electrocuted?
  8. You buy a $10,000 used car and receive a road worthy certificate. Why not a pre-purchase electrical inspection before your $300,000+ outlay on your property?
  9. White ants and weather damage won’t endanger or kill your family members but faulty electrical systems will!
  10. What price do you put on your family’s health?


If you’ve just purchased a new home or building in the Brisbane region, or are about to. please give Electrical Warriors a call for your pre-purchase inspection. You’ll be extremely glad that you did! Call our team on 1300 726 792 today.

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